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More information about our CBD levels and the Potency & XP Levels on our Products.


CBD potency levels are important to us. Here is what it is all about.
By now you know we create selectively-crafted batches of our products. That means we make a low amount per run, so we’re not mass producing and have shelves of product sitting around waiting for a new home. We do this also to maximize the quality and potency.

Let’s keep it real, that means every batch has a COA that is liable to be different than the other. We shoot for what is on the label as our ideal target. For example, 66mg in oil is what we’re shooting for, but we might hit something like 67 or 72; still not lower than 66mg though.

That doesn’t mean the process is something done with a mail-order chemistry set. No. That just means that each batch is crafted and might have a yield different than the next.

We’re just telling you what the others won’t.

To make things easier, we came up with a quick way to know what level of CB(X) product you were getting from Bobby Rapscallion. These levels will be listed on every product label.

For edibles and oils, our Potency Levels are based on the mg/serving.

(*We haven’t produced Potency Level 2 or 3…yet)
potency LVL 1
30 – 50mg per serving
potency LVL 2*
55 – 95mg per serving
potency LVL 3*
100mg+ per serving

For topicals, our XP Levels are based on the total mg listed.

(*We haven’t produced Potency Level 2 or 3…yet)
2000 – 8000mg
10,000 – 16,000mg
A TIP for beginners
Body weight X 0.25mg

Here’s a little something to help beginners understand the dosage for their body weight:

The suggested daily dosage is 0.5mg CBD multiplied by your body weight in pounds. So, a weighing 120lbs person should take 60mg CBD daily (0.5 x 120 = 60), and a 200lbs person should take 100mg CBD daily (0.5 x 200 = 100).

Ideally, you would be splitting your servings equally between morning and evening. We don’t recommend that you do a full daily serving all at once.


If you’re starting out, you might want to see how your body reacts from just half of that. Then, if you’re at a point where you feel your body is ready, progress to the full daily serving as calculated above.

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