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Our Craft & Process

For our craft, we take our time to maintain and sustain the environment. To make sure that the quality and potency of our CBD products are the highest. We do this for you.


Quality & potency — are the priorities in everything we do.

Enjoy our US, outdoor-grown, high-potency premium CBD products. Each one of our products are selectively-crafted for the highest quality available to you in the market.

We’re constantly fine-tuning and evolving the art of handcrafted CBD products in our private cGMP manufacturing facility. Never synthetic and always produced with care.

With this focus, as we continue to grow our product line, we’ll be able to maintain high-quality standards while also being cGMP, Cruelty-Free, and GMO-free.


Committed to the  environment

Regardless of the time, cost, and effort, we don’t cut corners in producing our premium hemp products.

Taking proactive measures for sustainable manufacturing practices is something that makes Bobby Rapscallion an even stronger choice – for product and business. This is why we have production practices that minimize our waste – like cutting down on paper use, using recycled packaging materials, and eliminating the use of artificial dyes.

our selective-crafting process = good for the environment…yes!

One of the main points of our selective-crafting process is that we don’t make more products than what is in demand. This means that we don’t have old products sitting on shelves that can go bad and it reduces waste. This also ensures that you receive fresh & premium products.

Why so high?

It isn’t just because we can. There is a consumer need for higher potencies, and we don’t sugar-coat your needs. As mentioned, some competitors won’t tell you about their low dose, and recommend that you essentially double the dosage for ‘proper effects.’ Worse they’ll promote a higher CBD level based on twice the standard intake (ex: 1ml instead of taking 0.5ml).

We cut to the facts. We tell you what each gummy has going on in it, and we recommend one, but if you want to take two, cool, you do you. We want everyone to receive our high-potency products with a dosage that hits a level that works for them; when and how they need it.

HOW so high?

We’ve proudly cultivated some of the highest potency CBD products on the market today.

A Clean Process

By using a clean CO2 extraction process, we never overheat or overprocess our raw crops. This is done to make products that are as close to the hemp plant’s diverse array of cannabinoids as possible.

The Utmost Respect

With this careful attention to detail, we have 3rd party labs that test and provide a Certificate of Analysis (or COAs) for all of our products that speak for themselves. Our CBD is home to dozens of powerful cannabinoids, making them capable of the plant’s entourage effect, i.e. maximum plant power – CBD, CBN, CBG, etc., and without THC.

Privacy Preferences
Bobby Rapscallion respects your privacy. We handle your personal information in a respectful manner. We try to handle any information submitted to us in a responsible manner - such as name, address, and other obligatory information needed when registering as well as ordering at Bobby Rapscallion. Some things may occur that makes it beyond our control to secure this information (ex. mass hacker or malware attacks). Bobby Rapscallion will not intentionally pass any of your personal information to third parties. When you visit our website, it may store information through your browser from specific services, usually in form of cookies. Here you can change your privacy preferences. Please note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our website and the services we offer.


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