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Here is a little more about us and what we’re wanting to achieve.


YOU Are Bobby Rapscallion

Hi, I’m Bobby Rapscallion…

and so are you…

actually, you & I…WE are Bobby Rapscallion.

As mentioned, Bobby Rapscallion is a lifestyle brand that focuses on helping you achieve the best out of what you are all about.
We do this by providing our high-quality & high-potency line of CBD and CB(X) products, accessories and swag, info, and much more.

We all celebrate our lives through our experiences, and feeling our best helps us do just that. So, we wanted to develop a company with products that would help people do just that and maintain a measure of health.

Offering products to help make it possible for people to be as awesome as they can and still maintain clarity through it.


But sometimes that ain’t happenin’!

Good days, bad days, and everything in-between. We all have those moments where it’s just not coming together or the best option is for us to chill & recoup.

A person should be able to address their well-being on their terms. Some companies don’t recognize the person, just the ailment/issue, and never how it fits in their lifestyle.

No one should be seen or categorized for an ailment. Whether dealing with muscle or joint issues, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, appetite – no matter what. We are all more than an ailment or a bad day and deserve more than a plug-and-play product or supplement.

doin’ the most…legally!

We wanted to develop products that would allow people to focus on themselves and still maintain their lifestyle.We wanted products to be there for you and go hard as you need them to do. Honestly, most of the other brands out there go soft or flip-flop – labeled for ‘beginners’ to try while also encouraging you to double up. One this seems sort of bait-ish, and two it leaves you guessing as to what is a good fit for you.

We didn’t understand that. We needed something that got us where we needed to be, doesn’t play around, and without having to double-up. We felt that other people were out there that felt the same way as we do. So that is why we’re all about – doin’ the most…legally!


So, providing high-quality & high-potency products became the focus. Those experienced with CBD & CB(X) products or going through ‘something’ can appreciate our high-potency levels. It addresses what you need and allows you to continue doing what you do best.

Bobby Rapscallion products don’t jack around.

For example, our gummies start at 45mg/gummy. So, with 30 gummies in the jar, you won’t need to double up. Also, our cooling rub starts at 2000mg, and our sublingual oil is at 33.3mg/half-dropper.

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