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“Bad” Answers to Questions
Our Answers that got removed off of question format websites.

We honestly answer posted questions about CBD, but for whatever reason, they get deleted, removed, or subjected us to our account being banned.

Here is a rundown of all of our most Rapscallion answers that have been deleted, removed, deemed spammy, or whatever…because they were too good and/or honest.*

Well, at least that is how we feel about it.*

The BAD Q&A - Here are Our Most Rapscallion Answers that got us "notified" by admin and moderators.

A: No. Please don’t use it like a laxative or apply it like one either.


Explanation: Although one of the reactions that some people can have is diarrhea, this is something that is likely to go away once your body gets used to the CBD dose. If it continues please review the amount and type of CBD you’re using.

THIS WAS REMOVED BY AN ADMIN: For some reason, this one got deleted. Guess we were a little too real about not to “apply it” like a laxative?

A: No. This COA is horrible. It is well over 2 years old and it doesn’t test for any metals, pesticides, or other chemicals. Proper and current COAs should look like these.

Explanation: We came across this question and the person showed a COA from a product that they bought. The COA was super old and was partial, at best, of a proper analysis.

THIS WAS REMOVED BY AN ADMIN: Under the assumption that we were an experience source enough to make that statement. We also didn’t have enough karma to make a post. (You can guess where we posted an answer to this question.)

A: While it is something that can positively contribute to weight loss, it isn’t a definitive tool for weight loss. CBD has been shown to help some with the urges that come with changing their diet. You can find out more about this in our article – CBD and Your Weight Loss Journey!

Explanation: Again, we came across this posting and nobody had responded to this person, so we responded and made sure that we gave them some more information to empower them with their decision.

THIS WAS REMOVED BY AN ADMIN: Apparently this is “too spammy” for their question and answer platform…which is the main focus of their website…answering questions people have.

A: Absolutely! We recommend finding a premium brand that has broad-spectrum products at the level of potency that will be best for you. It doesn’t have to be ours, but if you’re interested here is our line of broad-spectrum oils that will work for you!

Explanation: This person was looking for products to help them get some recommendations of CBD they could get. As stated, they are allergic to THC. The best option for them is broad-spectrum, which is what we suggested, as well as saying it doesn’t have to be Bobby Rapscallion that is selected.

THIS WAS REMOVED BY AN ADMIN: Again…”too spammy” because we gave a source for them to look for the type of CBD that would work for what they were requesting and issue they were addressing.

A: YES! We’re a premium high-potency CBD brand and would love for you to try our products. You can check them out here!

Explanation: Literally gave this person an answer they were wanting.

THIS WAS REMOVED BY AN ADMIN: For some reason this was still removed because we didn’t have the credibility to post a response to this person.

A: NO! You might want to check the quality of your CBD and/or if it is full-spectrum. Do you know if you’re allergic to THC? CBD can react with people differently, and some people (very few) have a brief spell of diarrhea because of it, but it goes away soon. If you’re continually having diarrhea for some time, you might want to switch up your CBD (change from oil to gummy), look at allergic reactions with THC, or switch brands altogether.

Explanation: Long spells of diarrhea are never good, and if it is sourced to your CBD then something has to be done. We simply listed the things that they should consider doing to stop having so much diarrhea.

THIS WAS REMOVED BY AN ADMIN: Apparently responding to anything dealing with diarrhea is a no-no in any of these question format websites, because our answers get bounced every time. We hope this person saw our response before it got removed…otherwise…yikes.

To sum it all up

Haters are gonna hate

None of these answers to questions have been cherry-picked and are the legit reasons that we got slapped for them.

Lately, we’ve been contacting OPs directly to answer their questions or give more content to help them.

Hopefully, that works better for them. We really don’t care about the karma (even though that is supposed to help us), we just want to help people that have questions. If we have an article or a product that can do that for them…then it is against our whole purpose to not answer their question or send them info.

Also, we sometimes feel that posting an answer in the thread is a good way of letting anyone else that comes along with the same issue or question. Sending it directly to the poster would mean that they would miss it and be left with some shoddy answers.

Honestly, not to fluff ourselves, but some of the answers that are out there are not good at all…or half-baked at best.

We’ve found that some platforms are donated by certain CBD brands, so all of the posts or threads related to CBD are only responded with comments and content about those particular brands.

No tears here. Just seems weird when we’re popped for posting a response that is giving another perspective…it is removed, deleted, or doesn’t have enough “credibility” to post a response. Only for us to see that others are posting similar responses, in the same thread, with other CBD companies…and have no issues.

So, yeah, haters are gonna hate.

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