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Bobby Rapscallion

Here is a list of things that people consider when selecting CBD, cannabis-related, CB(x), hemp, and other products. This is a good that will hopefully answer a majority of your questions.

What Makes Bobby Rapscallion Different?

Bobby Rapscallion is a lifestyle brand – first and foremost. Being focused on helping you achieve the best out of what you love to do and are ‘all about.’ We look to provide products for all of our customers to have the best quality products in superfoods, CBD, and CB(X). In that regard, it means we offer CBD products that are as close to nature as it gets.

Each step in our unique process from seed to bottling is integral to creating a truly unrivaled hemp experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Why Does Bobby Rapscallion Sell CBD?

As part of being a lifestyle brand, we have to see the different facets and means by which our customers want to function. We wanted to approach things by celebrating and respecting this. Not short-changing or implying that you can only have what you’re looking for if you experience THIS in THAT way or THAT in THIS way. We wanted options, versatility…and quality, really high-quality.

High potency is our other focus. We’re not going to skimp on either. If one of our customers were going to experience our CBD, we wanted to make sure it was high in quality and potency. Not some cheap, low-grade product with a label on it. No, you’re needing something that does the job and is as close to the hemp plant it is derived from as possible.

We do this by providing our high-quality & high-potency line of CBD and CB(X) products, accessories and swag, info, and much more.
We all celebrate our lives through our experiences, and feeling our best helps us do just that. So, we wanted to develop a company with products that would help people do just that and maintain a measure of health.

All with the focus of making it possible for people to be and feel as awesome as they can and maintaining clarity through it.

How Do I Know Bobby Rapscallion CBD Is Quality?

We take an immense amount of pride in the quality of our Bobby Rapscallion CBD products.

We start by growing all of our hemp with natural farming practices and a commitment to no pesticides and no GMOs throughout our growth cycle.

In our cGMP CBD manufacturing facility in San Diego, California, we extract CBD using a supercritical CO2 process.

Once finished with the extraction, our batches are sent through third-party laboratory testing. This is an important part of our process not only for our internal quality control but to provide our customers with transparency.

We send all of our extracted CBD components to a private laboratory to confirm the cannabinoid content and purity of every batch before packaging our products. This is where each of our batches receives a certificate of analysis. This allows customers to see exactly what is in the batch in their hands. Each batch can be slightly different, so we run this test every time as part of our production to make sure each percentage is accounted for.

High-quality and high-potency – we stand by that. The byproduct of these two is safety. We make sure that you have the information that you need to know that this is the best product for you. We also don’t repackage or resale products previously bought. The batch is the batch – only making small batches for quality and safety. No large stock sitting around and waiting to be purchased for years. Because of safety, we seldom allow refunds and such, but you can see that explained more on our page

What Makes Bobby Rapscallion Unique?

We’ve mentioned the quality, potency, purity of our CBD, but that isn’t the only thing that makes us unique.

Educating customers when it comes to the pitfalls of the health and supplement industry. We are passionate about empowering our customers with the information necessary to make decisions that are the best for them. Even if that means you don’t go with our products. To know that we’ve helped you on your lifestyle journey is good for us. We just don’t want people falling for popular supplements and manufacturers that encourage people to double or triple dose or promote higher potencies that aren’t obtainable without doing so.

As our customer, you’ll receive exclusive access to all of our findings in our news and FAQs, with articles that inform you the most.


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