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laser system
The first, contaminate-free, laser combustion smoking device.
Smoother. more flavorful.
The Hitoki Trident utilizes a high-powered laser system to deliver the ultimate smoking experience that is contaminate-free by eliminating chemical butane fuel lighters resulting in a much smoother and more flavor experience.
By combining a classic ritual with modern tech, Hitoki proudly introduces the first clean laser combustion smoking device.
The Laser
clean & flavorful

By utilizing pure light energy Hitoki has designed a device that works like a classic ritual of using pure sunlight focused with a magnifying glass to achieve a chemical butane-free experience that does not enter your lungs or alter the flavor of your flower.

FDA Standard Safe.

Designed with a special laser shield that lets you safely view the mesmerizing effects of laser ignitions.

Limited combination of everything you get with the Trident, but in a rose gold color.
All of the elegant styling and craftsmanship you’ll find in the Trident Black, but in a sexy rose gold motif.

watch the hitoki trident in action.

Clean. Elegant. Amazing.
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