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simple. sexy. surreal.
To just say “we’re in love” with Session is an understatement.
challenge standards. anticipatory approach. detailed focuS.
These are the basic principles that guide every product that Session makes. Good design is at the center of how Session operates.

Modern. Durable. Easy-to-Clean.

From the tapered form and the angled mouthpiece to the way it feels in your hands to the sound it makes when you set it down, this designer bong is meant to fit seamlessly into your life and your home.

Made of high-quality 4mm thick borosilicate glass
This piece features an angled mouthpiece and a molded indent for an ergonomic grip that also tucks away the bowl and downstem.
THE protective footer comes in 7 different colors

The silicone footer protects the glass from damage, hides unsightly water, and indicates the recommended water line for the perfect hit. Two different bowls and an extra downstem are always included in case of those inevitable accidents.

pipes & one hitters

Compact. Classy. Ready-To-Go.

From the protective carry sleeve and the tapered glass form to the ability to store a bowl or keep ash out of your bag, this classy handheld pipe has been thoughtfully designed to be able to take your Session anywhere.

Made of high-quality 2.5mm thick, black-tinted borosilicate glass, this handheld piece comes with a custom designed silicone sleeve that protects your piece from breaking and your bag from ash. The pipe features an ash-catching indent for clean hits as well as a flat base and small roll stops so it can sit upright or lay flat on its side while you pack a bowl. A steel keychain conveniently allows you to attach it to your bag or belt loop.

For tiny tokes or solo sessions, this sleek, pocket-sized borosilicate glass one hitter is your best friend when you’re out and about or just want a quick hit.

This clever little one hitter comes with a silicone tab to protect your fingers and can be packed with your favorite flower, hold a pre-rolled joint, or used with the Session Bong.

get set
Session starter kit
everything you need

Whether you’re looking for all the best stoner essentials or just want the perfectly curated smoking setup of your dreams, Session Starter Kits allows you to hand-select everything you need for your at-home or on-the-go smoking needs.

All the essentials you need

Whether it is an ashtray, stash container, cleaning tools, etc., you can find them all here.

lidded. stylish. debowler.

Keep your session both classy and clean with this modern take on the classic ashtray.


stash jar
Airtight. Organized. Stacked.

This stylish, compact storage jar is designed to keep your precious herb fresh and extra Session accessories safe.


Cleaning Solution
Fresh. Scented. Effective.

Whether it’s been a day, a week, or a month, this cleaning solution is designed to bring back that day one shine.


award-winning design
session essentials
everything you need to keep your accessories clean


get set
essentials starter kit
everything you need

This is a curated collection of essentials that every modern stoner should have.
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