The Citrus Duo – BULK (100CT)


Citrus Drips
2000mg CBD Oil | 1oz
33mg CBD/half dropper
Citrus DripZzz
2000mg CBD Oil + 100mg Melatonin | 1oz
33mg CBD + 1.6mg melatonin/half dropper

both are Broad-Spectrum (THC-FREE)

Things get even better with this bundled dynamic duo of Bobby Rapscallion’s Citrus Drips and Citrus DripZzz! Both give you 2000mg of CBD Oil in a 1oz container but with DripZzz gives you a little extra with 100mg of Melatonin.

Both are filled up with their potent entourage of broad-spectrum cannabinoid ingredients one that helps support you through the day and the other at night.

At 33.3mg CBD per 0.5mL serving (½ dropper) for both and an additional 1.6mg Melatonin per 0.5mL serving (½ dropper) in DripZzz.

Both of these are Broad-Spectrum products. There is 0% of THC in either of these products.

Certificate of Analysis for Citrus Drips 2000mg CBD

Certificate of Analysis for Citrus DripZzz 2000mg CBD + 100mg Melatonin

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More Info
More Info

Broad-Spectrum CBD: Whole Hemp Plant CBD with 0.0% THC


2000mg CBD + 100mg Melatonin (total in container): 33.3MG of CBD + 1.6mg Melatonin per 0.5mL serving (½ dropper).


MCT oil, Melatonin, organic natural flavoring, premium broad-spectrum CBD oil extract.



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