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Welcome to The Select Batch. This is your exclusive access to our most select products.

The Select Batch is Bobby Rapscallion‘s exclusive line of premium hemp-derived products that maintains everything that we’re known for and all about.

This is our effort to make sure that we’re promoting the community in ways that aren’t being done elsewhere and optimized to promote others. We wanted to collaborate with other industry makers & movers to produce something awesome.


These products are accessible by invite-only. This means that both the products and the people with access are exclusive.

All of the products showcased in The Select Batch are limited in quantity.

They are also likely to never be produced again after supplies are gone.

This is Bobby Rapscallion‘s way of promoting and building great links and collaboration in the community and promoting products that are meaningful and unique.

Because of the exclusivity in availability and quantity, all of the select batch products are available through pre-order only.

This means we require that these orders are non-refundable. With the agreement of those we’re collaborating with to produce the listed products, a certain amount ordered amount is required before production can begin. Once that amount is reached and production begins, we will inform all of those that have ordered (and any that order after the number has been reached) of the completion date when their order will be shipped to them.

If, after the initial run, it is the desire of all involved for the efforts and production of certain products to continue, everyone will be updated. There will be a Back Order designation placed on those products to let everyone know that continual order placements will be recognized.

The Select Batch
1. If you haven’t already, register an account with Bobby Rapscallion.

After getting an account, request access to The Select Batch. (In some cases you may be informed that you have access without the need of your request.)

With access, you’ll be able to purchase one-of-a-kind and exclusive products that will only be available here.
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