Your lifestyle is part of what makes you…you. You live, breathe, stand by it, and work to better it. Bobby Rapscallion wants you to have the best experience while you be you.


Doin’ the most…legally.

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Bobby Rapscallion
Lifestyle brand, high-potency cbd + more

Bobby Rapscallion is a lifestyle brand that focuses on helping people achieve and celebrate the best out of what you are all about!

We do this by providing our premium high-potency line of CBD products, accessories and swag, info, and much more.

doin’ the most…legally!
Bobby Rapscallion’s product line of high-quality & high-potency CBD gummies and oils!
Fruit Cocktail
1350mg CBD gummies

Packed with 45mg of CBD/gummy and comes in assorted flavors – watermelon, sour apple, berries, and citrus.

Citrus Drips
2000mg CBD Oil

Citrus-flavored oil that gives you 33mg of CBD/ 1/2 dropper. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced.

Citrus DripZzz
2000mg CBD OiL + 100mg Melatonin

With Melatonin, Citrus DripZzz gives you 33mg of CBD + 1.6mg of Melatonin/ 1/2 dropper, for a more restful state.

Bobby rapscallion’s
specialty accessories

OUR LATEST news & Articles
Just some of the latest articles that we’ve posted to inform interested, novice, and experienced users on CBD options.
cbd oil dropper
Can I Take My CBD to School?
school hallway
Layering CBD
Layering CBD works for some people
Top 3 Common Mistakes People Make with CBD
top 3 mistakes
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& Connects!
All of the awesomeness that’s in our community!
Featured LinkUp!
the dinosaur &
the dude

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apparel & accessories

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Bobby Rapscallion

You can also connect with us on our public Facebook page at - facebook.com/bobbyrapscallion !
Our 20th episode is out!

Things get slightly #awkward when The Dinosaur's wife basically asks if she and The Dude have ever fucked and if not...why not!!


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Bobby Rapscallion
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A peek at some of what Bobby Rapscallion has going on!
loyalty & subscriptions

For lovers of our products, we’re working on a loyalty plan and a subscription service so you can receive products regularly to suit your needs!

more products

While in the lab, we’re always listening, wanting to know what you need and looking for in our next product! So we can craft batches just for you.

swag & more

Being a lifestyle brand we’re going to be releasing more and more swag and things that will accent you!

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