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alzheimer's parkinson's dementia man

Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and CBD
a decision & results for the sake of quality of life

this is A recap of a customer’s journey with our CITRUS DRIPS CBD OIL

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s are diseases that affect many families. Here is an account of a person positively benefiting from our high-potency CBD products.

It is crazy that there is something available, that can help people, but most physicians will never recommend it?!

— a physical therapist

quick stats
This is just a few of the yearly increasing stats on Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease and dementia in the US and globally.

Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s Disease.1

in 4

are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.1


with Parkinson’s Disease per year.2


Every 3.2 seconds, a new case of dementia is diagnosed.3

Yeah, Every 66 seconds someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s disease.
this isn’t something that anyone wants to read or think about, but it isn’t like that stat doesn’t exist if we don’t look at it.

Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease hit the elderly more than we would like to recognize that it does. Dementia is a factor that goes hand-in-hand with both of them.

An issue that a lot of people don’t consider is that in some cases all three of these conditions can be present and in effect at the same time. When this happens, the loss of quality of life is even more definitive.

To make this more of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind issue, many of the symptoms of each of these are chalked up to a part of “getting old” or “SENIle” and etc.
Which is why 1 out of 4 have been diagnosed in America.
(It isn’t something that people get checked…or even think about getting checked.)

Even though there are stats that go with things related to these three ailments, none really talk about the personal and individual aspects of them.

You see, JG was in his 60s when diagnosed. Always someone that was physically and mentally engaged – a former collegiate-level tennis player, with a degree in math, a recreational bowler on his company’s team, and a fervent church member and deacon on national committees. In a stage of his life where he is facing the diagnosis that all of his abilities – physically & mentally – were about to fade away or altogether vanish.

Now, 10 years later and in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. He has been prescribed a list of 7 or more different medications to take every day (some of them twice a day) and 2 on reserve for situational reasons.

All to address various issues dealing with neurological, cognitive, depression, sleep, blood pressure, and more. All of different doses and all increasing over time.

That is a LOT of pills.

Additionally, when his benefits allowed it, JG would have a physical therapist visit and run him through an exercise regimen twice a week; for 8 weeks at a time. But then go in a wait status after this period of time, until he can get approved again for more.

So, a decision was made that JG would give high-potency CBD a shot. Not for some miracle cure, but to see if it could help maintain his quality of life. Something that all of his pills weren’t really doing.

And with some hope, also to see if it would spark some betterment as well; possibly return some cognitive recall abilities and more.

Just as it is not a ‘given’ that if someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease…then it means they have (or will have) Alzheimer’s disease…or even dementia.

It is not a given to the degree to which either of them will be present/visible – in the most minimal or stereotypical way.


For example, JG‘s Parkinson’s isn’t displayed by the constant shaking and/or stammering that people tend to think of. It is more of a continual succession of nerve firing and muscle activity, that locks the limb into a certain position or repeated motion for a random amount of time.

With all of the medications that he has been prescribed over the years to treat/combat/delay the effects of his conditions, CBD oil became one that was increasingly being considered as an option that could help.

Oh CBD would definitely help him. No doubt. But don’t hold your breath on a doctor or some medical specialist saying or recommending that.

That is a conflict of their interest. Now you’re taking money out of pharma’s pocket.

— a pharmacist

He is absolutely a prime candidate for CBD, and should be on it daily.

But you’ll have to call a neurologist back several times before they say ‘yes’ to it, and most of them won’t say it at all. They’ll just ignore your calls.

I have several patients that need CBD but have no source for it, and it is never covered. Even though they need it.

— a physical therapist

the personal changes when living with these ailments
typical changes
Typical physical and mental issues that someone would have with these are forgetfulness, hallucinations, seizures, inability to control or coordinate motor functions, depression, acts of violence, or expressing the desire to be violent.4
JG’s Changes

With having all three, JG began to deteriorate quicker than those with just one. Even with physical therapy it was just slowing a progression that was inevitable.

He was showing most of the symptoms and changes that these three conditions are known to afflict on people. Being a competitive and active person, aggression and challenging others was something that manifest more with JG and his interactions with people.

It didn’t matter who you were in relation to him. With most people afflicted, the associate that they once had with family and friends also deteriorates and/or becomes different than it was before. It is hard for these family members and friends to not take it personally when it is happening directly to them.

This is the physical and mental toll that these diseases subjects on others related to the people going through it.

At the same time, all the meds that JG was taking weren’t really addressing the daily issues dealing with the combination of the three.

This is where CBD was likely to have the most effect.

older woman2 dementia
As stated, JG wasn’t going to stop his current regimen of prescription medications. The point wasn’t to reduce/replace those.


Ethically we can’t.

We’re not going to say that our CBD products can cure someone of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and/or dementia.

But we know that it will help with mobility, inflammation, cognitive functions and abilities, lowering blood pressure by helping blood flow, getting your ECS back to functioning optimally, and many other things.

One of the things that were noted was that the cognitive decay that was already in place, really can’t be repaired. Maybe a customer will see improvements in the ability to recall, but not ‘returning’ or rebuilding things that were already damaged and/or gone.

To JG, regardless of what is actually the case, some family members just don’t exist anymore. He can’t recognize them or their names. The opposite of that is also true for him, some family members that are deceased ARE still around for him.

Time can be something that is perceived differently by people with these diseases. So the family, friends, and others that interact with them have to keep this in mind.

This is a sad reality for people that are suffering from these conditions – both first- and second-hand.

the First 4 weeks

Here is an account from family members, friends, medical, and therapeutical professionals that have interacted and visited with JG several times before and after implementing our CBD oil for his daily use.

Started off with our recommended dose of 33.3mg of Citrus Drips. This was done because it was his first time ingesting CBD. Unless you’re an experienced user of CBD, starting off with the recommended dose helps to make sure that there are no allergic reactions personally or by way of combinations with existing meds. With his existing medications, this was definitely top of mind in JG’s case as he started for the week.

Saw an immediate response to it and an improvement in awareness and cognitive engagement.

Blood pressure levels balanced out to a better range than before. The swelling in his feet decreased immediately. Mobility and awareness increased overall.

Witnessed improvements in physical therapy and conversational abilities. His tendencies for violence, negative language, and depression were also notably diminished.

Was also a great reduction in his seizures and micro and/or silent seizures that he would typically have at least once a day.5

Because of his inability to hold the oil in his mouth, as recommended, his entire daily dose is mixed in with his morning probiotic. (It has the most fats best for binding with CBD. We talk about this in our CBD + Drinks article.)

SIDENOTE: While it was an option for him to use our gummies instead, it was decided that oil was the better option, because of ingestion and motor function issues that can develop with these diseases.

Still experiencing previously stated positive results and surprising family members at how alert and conversational JG has become. All violence has diminished to being almost gone.

Increased his dose to 66.6mg (a full dropper) in an effort to eventually get him to his proper weight/mg daily allowance.

JG usually would wake up with swollen feet. He has been two weeks straight without this occurring in the mornings or throughout the day.

Now up to the appropriate daily dose (70.3mg) for his weight, and still doing really well. Continually reading things on the TV screen and having conversations about the news.

Might be some signs of balancing out and the body getting into a state of constant levels; even though still only able to give him his full dose in the morning.

Entering the 4th week, more continuance of the previous and increasing positive state of being. Longer periods of conscious decisions, discussions, and ability to maintain balance and mobility on his own.

Recalling various things with clarity and means of referring to past conversations and details with increasingly more accuracy and without confusion.

Blood pressure maintains a better range of fluctuation and foot swelling has not returned.

Doctors have reviewed his progression while using our CBD and have all noted a clearly positive increase in response and of things they look for in relation to what they consider improvements.

Ok, I was wondering what was going on. He has never been like this. This is great! His awareness, and conversation skills, I mean he hasn’t nodded off once. Super-alert! It is amazing that he is responding so well to CBD. It just doesn’t make sense that none of his doctors are saying anything about this being something that can work for him. That we had to find this out on our own.

— JG’s son


Within the first four weeks, JG has been able to stand unassisted more often than ever. His seizure count went from one a day (at one point he was up to 3 a day) to one or none a week. Alertness and awareness of surroundings increased.

The amount of positive change that has happened with JG has been something that his family, friends, and other professionals have taken note of, and all are encouraged by the results.

This is all with the understanding that this doesn’t change the outcome of the diseases and doesn’t change the individual’s core behavior or personality.

It just helps JG be more of himself, and capable of being himself more often than ever before while on his current medications.

It is now more likely than before for JG to have conversations and interact in exchange with topics that people are saying around him, in real-time, and apply his style of humor to it. This has been hit-or-miss before, because of his relationship with time and the means of which signals from the brain vs. reaction has been a factor for him.

That is just one example of something that was rarely done and now, in less than 2 weeks, he is doing it on a regular basis.

So, I don’t know all about this Harry Potter or the other character you all are talking about, but I did have a teammate on the tennis team named Dobby. That was his real name.

He was an average player.

I had another friend on the tennis team and his name was Tea Pot. Now, he was an excellent player. Not better than me. No. But he was real good.

— JG

To sum it all up

In less than 2 weeks, there was a notably positive change in JG – physically, neurologically, and emotionally!


Whether good, bad, or mediocre, we would still report the experience that JG and his family have witnessed once he started including our Citrus Drips CBD Oil in his life.

The fact that he had such an immediate and positive response is indicative of just how depleted his ECS was and in dire need of being balanced.


Keep in mind that, despite wanting to start sooner, there was about 2-week delay before JG started on his CBD journey. This was mainly because of trying to get feedback from his doctors and specialist, but none of them wanted to give it willingly.

It actually took the full 2 weeks before his neurologist finally responded with an “ok”…by way of her assistant.

We heard from several in the medical community that it is hard to get one of them to speak freely about CBD or fully endorse it. But we know that with some families, that is exactly the feedback that they are wanting to hear.

In no way are we saying that you should switch to our products and disregard doctors and specialists helping someone through these conditions. But we do know that a lot more people are looking for something that is going to help them gain their “self” and/or quality of life back in some capacity or another.

In this case, we knew that our high-potency CBD products could help in some capacity. We weren’t sure to what degree they would, but there was definitely some potential of balancing out his ECS at the very least; which is a great thing.

We love the input he and his family gave and hope to keep up with them for more updates on how things are going, now that he is ingesting CBD daily.

We also appreciate the medical, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic professionals, who work and interact with JG, that provided their input and allowed us to use it for this article. We respect their dedication to the well-being of others.

As in the previous post like this, we keep the people that the article is focused on and the people that are quoted anonymous. This is for their own privacy and for respect to the professionals that do not need any blowback from it. This is in an effort to give them the freedom to say what is needed to be said.

You can find more about our products listed below or go to our store to view them for yourself.

Thanks for reading!




Bobby Rapscallion’s CBD Products

At Bobby Rapscallion, honesty and integrity are values put into everything. Our hemp is farmed on American soil using organic practices. Our extracts are meticulously tested by our team and a third-party lab to ensure the highest quality standards.

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Our high-potency oils start at a Potency Level 1 for those that are wanting to ease into CBD but need a higher dose. Keeping to this focus, we’ll be releasing Potency Levels 2 & 3 in the future.

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Always remember that the ingestion process is different between oils and edibles like gummies. So we provide products that allow you to decide what works best for you and how you want to experience CBD.



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