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school hallway

Can i take my cbd to school?
this is such a tricky topic.

AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY LG for bobby rapscallion

Before you get deep into this article, we want to say that none of this is definitive and is purely based on what we were able to find. In the end, in most cases, it can differ from school to school, nurse to nurse, and administration to administration.

Most of our article’s topics start from a question we’re asked or a question we don’t know ourselves. This one came from a combination of both – being asked and not knowing for ourselves.

With the school year in full swing, your situation can be: You’ve been using CBD for some time now, during the pandemic/epidemic, while being remote, but now you have to be on-site or hybrid for school. Can you continue having CBD in your daily schedule? Do you need to change your timing? Can you bring it “on campus?”

We’re going to explore these questions and cover aspects of it that we didn’t even consider when we began.

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Schools — campuses, public, and private

We’ll try and cover all the points that we know about elementary, junior high/middle, and high school, as well as college and private schools.

This includes their campus requirements for each topic.

This can get deep murky, tricky, and overall hard to navigate, but we’ll do our best to help address things. Again, hopefully, this information will clear some things up.


The First Hurdle
Not trying to insult your intelligence, but this is actually the first hurdle you really should look into – is CBD legal in my state? Yes, CBD is federally legal, but it might not be in your state.

Check your state’s standing on our map here.

If it is not, then that sort of answers the school question right there.


The Tricky Part
It might be legal in your state, but it isn’t legal to bring it in what is considered “a public place” – which can include school districts.


And if it is ‘ok’ at your school it might not be with that school’s nurse or it might be ‘ok’ only if the parent comes up to the school and administer it to the student themselves “in private” and/or “off campus.”

In some cases that “off campus” requirement can be no less than 1000ft from the school’s grounds.

School rules regarding CBD
Elementary Schools

This is probably the trickiest school environment. Most of the school boards that we’ve looked at do not have clear-cut rules on CBD.


Most leave it up to the administration of that particular school and some leave it up to that school’s nurse.

Keep in mind that some kids that have seizures will have medical approval for CBD and likely for Epidiolex.

Epidiolex is (as of this article) the only Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved cannabis-derived medication which may be prescribed to treat seizures associated with severe forms of epilepsy.

This is great if your school is open to it, but check to see how they ‘handle the situation’ – will the nurse administer it, or will you have to administer it, publicly in class or in a designated private area? You have to ask, because, again, most school boards don’t address it.

Junior High/Middle Schools

This is also a tricky school environment because of the age range it can cover in some areas. Again school boards that we’ve looked at do not have clear-cut rules on CBD that are particular to Junior High/Middle School.

And again this means that they can leave it up to the administration of that particular school and some leave it up to that school’s nurse.

This means that the administration can approve it but if left up to the nurse, the nurse can deny giving CBD to students…for whatever applicable reason.

Basically not wanting to have the responsibility of administering it to students, thus bouncing it back to the parent(s) to figure out an alternative.

The same Epidiolex factor applies and should still be looked into.

High Schools

High School administration is always tricky not just from the age range, but also because you’re possibly dealing with some of the craftiest bunch of individuals in the entire education system.

Of course, we’re not talking about your angel, and only talking about the rapscallions they hang out with.

And again this means that they can leave it up to the administration of that particular school and some leave it up to that school’s nurse.

The same Epidiolex factor applies and should still be looked into as to how your particular school handles this; regardless if you have a prescription and doctor’s approval you can show.

a Public or STate College and university campus

If you’re attending a public or state college campus, the rules are more like that of the rest of the schools in that state’s education system.

And by “same” we’re meaning all the above and that also applies to the adult students and staff.

a private schools, College, and university campus

Please look into this.


All bets are off if you’re attending a private school, college, or university campus. The rules here are up to the decision of the board of that school and education system; despite the state.

Most of the time, for ease of operation, many just go with what the state has applied to its education system, but it is still highly recommended that you ask and look into it.

When asking about this, please do it with the appropriate administration representative, the school’s nurse (head nurse), and with the documents for your CBD products and doctor if possible.

You want to be super buttoned-up in this situation.

The Fallback:
Is It Really JUST CBD?

Some administrations really fall back on the standing of not knowing if it is REALLY CBD that is in your containers, jars, gummies, oils, etc.

Vape oil is an understood no-no. When it comes to CBD the product’s COA(s) help, but they don’t know what is in the CBD on campus at that particular moment.

Even though a COA can save your butt, some schools just make it all illegal on their campus, because of that.

And now for the Staff
Yeah, this is where we found it ever trickier!

Some of you might be thinking, “STAFF, wait, what?! I’m a grown-ass adult!!”

And for that, we say, “yeah…this can apply to the staff too.”

Many that think the school rules only apply to the students will find it surprising that it also includes the adult staff too. For the documents that few school boards have published makes it clear that teachers, administration, maintenance, and others that are school staff have to abide by the rules too.

Can’t bring it on campus. Can’t use it in private. Don’t have it on you. Don’t share it. Don’t offer it. All the things that would encourage some adults to not even mention that they are using CBD in the first place.

But Wait, I need it
Seizures and anxiety are real issues for some. What then?

Pretty much the same thing, in regards to restrictions, but even worse rules in regards to the way it is used.

Smoking medical marijuana on any campus is going to get some eyes and some requests for validation of being able to smoke. And still, you’ll probably be asked to leave campus to do so.

Pretty much the only thing that the paperwork showing that you’re legal is just going to do is just keep them from calling the police on you.

Treatment for major anxiety or seizures?

Whether it is for a child, young-adult, or adult, the issue of seizures and crippling anxiety attacks are a real possibility in their lives.

Schools and school boards can recognize this, but the way you can go about administering your CBD is still a BIG GRAY AREA.

Whereas some schools MIGHT let you take it on the spot, others might not leave it up to the teacher being the one that has to administer it.

Appointing the nurse to be the one that will have to do so. This means the nurse would have to, hopefully, run to the situation to handle it.

Likely that the school will not let the student administer it themselves, and might even inform the parent that they would have to be the one that comes to the school to do it for their child.

If an adult, sort of the same thing, but you might have some more leeway to administer it to yourself. But…in private.

Which, if you or your child are going through anxiety, a major panic attack, or worse a seizure…not too sure you’ll be able to get to a “private location” or 1000ft off-campus.

So what is the verdict?
It varies from state to state, school to school

Despite all of the other things going on in Texas and its schools, the state does address the topic of CBD in its schools.

It is still tricky but it is something more than what many states have ready to view. You’ll see here where the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) breaks down its stance on CBD (as of this article release).

Again, recognizing that CBD is legal, but still leave it up to upper school faculty to maintain things.

Keep in mind that a lot of states don’t make this info available online like this – so props to Texas. Some, like Ohio, have it stated in documents that broad stroke several other items of discussion in relation to CBD throughout the state.

You have to use the ‘find’ function to search for the word “school” and/or “CBD” in the document, but it is there for what it’s worth.

Some states even make sure that you understand that even though CBD is legal, contact a lawyer before you proceed with doing anything on a school campus…in any age/education level.

So yeah…you need a lawyer.

Is there a method or prefered choice?

it sounds more and more like it comes down to how crafty you want to get.

We know that school has started already, so why even put this article out? It is too late.



For some, not really. Actually, many people are stuck in some sort of limbo trying to figure out ‘can I do this or not?’

‘Can I even talk about this on some casual level in the break room?’

These questions sound familiar with some other social issues that have come about as of late in the past, but we’re not going to touch on those here.

We’re also not saying anything that people aren’t already doing. People have been sneaking Js on campuses around the world for DECADES, and for those that consume CBD, it is now being added to the list.

So, in regards to the elephant in the room and on your screen, sure you can get crafty and surely a lot of you are doing just that. Because what is your alternative?

Broad and full-spectrum products are legal. The only benefit that you can rely on with broad-spectrum products is that you at least know that the THC won’t be an issue for you.

But schools will still fall back on the fact that they do not know what you have in your CBD at the time it is on campus. The assumption is that it could be spiked.

Since the dawn of parties, punch bowls around the world have been spiked with something to “make the party better.” So that is the logic that some school officials apply to your legal CBD.

So yeah, you can have your COAs with you, but that might only keep the cops off of you.

You can also choose to more discreetly consume CBD with gummies over using an oil. But, again, getting caught with it can get you in more hot water than you need.

To sum it all up


Have appropriate representation.

be mindful of state law, school rules, and how THEY APPLY to you and/or your child.

Those are the biggest takeaways because most states don’t inform and leave it up to you to find out.

Which sucks and leaves everyone in a very precarious place.


If you’re loving how CBD has worked for you, then we can only assume that you’re in a place of not knowing if there is anything you can or should say.

In a Catch-22 state of being. Where your wanting to be upfront but not wanting to lose your job, be looked at differently, or have to subject your child to any scrutiny either.

We really didn’t know that the rabbit hole was going to go so deep. When we realized that, then it became a wondering if other people even knew the exacts of it all.

And by “exacts”…we mean the lack thereof.

So it is understandable if someone is just going to stay quiet about it. At the same time, these are the things that continue to apply an unnecessary stigma to CBD.




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