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How to cya with a Good coa

AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY lg for Bobby Rapscallion

After noticing a reoccurring question with newer CB(x) product buyers and practitioners, it seemed best to write a little something that will help everyone know how to read a COA. You would think it is all standard and straightforward…but, nah, in this case, the fine print really matters. So, let’s chat about how to CYA with a good COA.


What is a COA really?

Ok, really quick COA stands for certificate of analysis. It is sometimes referred to as a third-party lab report also, but that is too long, so we’ll just stick to COA.

CYA means to cover your ass…and, well, that is what we’re going to hopefully help you do; totally figuratively.

Is it necessary?

Absolutely, a COA is necessary! If you get any CB(x) product, a COA should come with it or a means for you to see, download, and/or review the COA should be made available. Actually, it should be available before you purchase any product. Review it. Read it. Compare it with a comparable product.

You can take a look here for all of our COAs.


Yeah…it is THAT important.

So what do you need to look for on a COA?
short answer: everything
There is a lot of information on a COA report (look at the BONUS if it is not) but here are 4 key points to look for:



Make sure that the COA is current. Most last for 2 years. You want to make sure that the COA for the product you’re looking to purchase is current. Look for when the COA and the product were produced and when will the COA no longer be current.


2. CBD & the rest of the ingredients

Make sure that what you’re buying the product for is actually in it. The best way to find this out is by looking at the COA for the actual ingredient. So, if your getting a CBD product that has X amount of CBD in it, make sure that CBD is listed in the COA. Also, make sure that the amount that is printed/noted for the product is represented correctly. It can be higher, but not lower. We discuss this next.


3. know your levels

This is where people get caught up (ie. in trouble) a lot; the levels of ingredients in the product. Now, Bobby Rapscallion promotes high potency in all of our products – it is our thing. But what we’re talking about here are the levels that you’re getting and what you’re potentially getting into with them.

The CBD, CBG, CBN, etc. levels are something you need to look for on a COA, and it should be a breakdown of each of them listed accordingly.

These levels can fluctuate, and that is ok, as long as it is not less than what is promoted on the label of the product. For example, a list of a 45mg CBD level is more of the target than a concrete setting. So you might see that product’s COA with a reading of 47.95mg of CBD in that product. Cool, you get a little bonus. It is like weighing something at the store. You want 1lbs. but you might not get it exactly, like 1.1, 1.06, or 1.02, but you definitely don’t want .98lbs. Think of it that way.

The story is different if it is THC. In the US, THC products legally have to be less than 0.3%; regardless. We know that some stores and dispensaries will say that you can have however much THC you want in kratom, D8, D9, and the like, but, in the law, THC is THC.

As we’ve stated in our Taking A Piss article, there is no general test out there that can break down the definitive source of a positive THC reading in urine. So if you get tested, no matter how legal you say the source is, you are going to test positive for THC.

Internationally, it is even less and products have to be less than 0.2% to be legal. So don’t take it abroad with you.


4. toxins

There should be a section that shows that testing was done for all of the bad stuff you don’t need – pesticides, metals, etc. If you get a product that wasn’t tested for that…DROP IT! This is important because sometimes when people have bad reactions to products, it might not be the product itself, but more likely the toxins in the products.

Again, if you don’t see that section and the test results…DROP IT. Don’t risk it.

You can take a look here for all of our COAs.

Your COA should be around 3 to 4 pages. If it is not a thorough COA…say NOPE to that.

To sum it all up

When comes down to it, having a thorough COA is paramount. It is literally a document of ‘proof is in the pudding’ for you. Having any product as part of your lifestyle is a choice that you’re making for your wellbeing. You definitely want to make sure you’re not including other things that can be harmful to you in the process. You also want to make sure that the maker is being legit with what is what. Make sure that they give a damn about what is in the gummy, oil, rub, and more. Because if they don’t give a damn about their product, they definitely don’t give one about you.




Bobby Rapscallion’s CBD Products

At Bobby Rapscallion, honesty and integrity are values put into everything. Our hemp is farmed on American soil using organic practices. Our extracts are meticulously tested by our team and a third-party lab to ensure the highest quality standards. Since we stand firmly behind the profound effects of the entourage effect, you won’t find CBD isolate products in our catalog—but we understand that full-spectrum products aren’t ideal for everyone, which is why most of our products are also available in a THC-free broad-spectrum option.

Our high-potency oils start at a Potency Level 1 for those that are wanting to ease into CBD but need a higher dose. Keeping to this focus, we’ll be releasing Potency Levels 2 & 3 in the future. This is to make sure that all of our customers have the option to get high-quality CBD at a potency level that works best for them.


Our CBD Oil

CBD oils are a product staple for a CBD brand. We’ve carefully crafted our CBD oils to keep our high-quality hemp crops the star of the show. CBD oil also provides a wide range of versatility as you can take them sublingual (under the tongue) for fast-acting effects, or mix our flavored options into your favorite foods and drinks for wellness with a unique twist. CBD oils are a favorite for beginners and experts alike for their versatility and because you can customize your doses drop by drop.


our CBD Gummies

For those who don’t enjoy the natural bitter terpene flavor in hemp oils, but still want the whole plant benefits, CBD gummies might be a better solution for you.

We create selectively-crafted gummies at a cGMP facility and make them fresh to order. These also come in assorted flavors to mask the hempy taste and potencies start at 45MG per gummy.

Always remember that the ingestion process is different between oils and edibles like gummies. So we provide products that allow you to decide what works best for you and how you want to experience CBD.

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