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Layering CBD works for some people

Layering cbd: Should you do it?

AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY LG for bobby rapscallion

PERSONAL JOURNEY JOURNAL – I think that “layering” (in relation to CBD intake) is my word really. Maybe someone else is using it too, but I haven’t seen it published. It is what I call it when I “take” CBD in order to maintain a certain balance throughout an extended amount of time.

Some of the articles here are based on my personal journal of sorts, in regards to my own application of CBD in my life. This is really a means to provide transparency and to address things that maybe others are thinking of or going through as well.

In no way am I saying this is ‘the way to go’ for those with CBD in their life, but merely an admission of how I apply it in my lifestyle.

Everything here is only in relation to Bobby Rapscallion CBD and products, no mixing brands. If you’re planning to try layering then you need to do it with premium high-potency products only.


Don’t worry this’ll be brief.


Maybe you’ve had this scenario: You’re getting ready to go and you noticed that you’re not going to be back from the meeting, or the dinner, or the movie, or whatever the outing is, before the typical 6-hour period after which your CBD starts to wind down.

Or maybe it is this one: You’re traveling on an 11-hour flight, and you know that you and your anxiety are going to need to maintain balance to cope with the remaining turbulencebabyscreamingstrangervomitingkidkicking 5-hours of your friendly skies experience.

Hopefully, we didn’t trigger someone with those examples.

However it happens and however you experience it, sometimes we’re having to be a little more aware than other times in relation to CBD.

Not that you’re addicted. That doesn’t happen with CBD. This is more applicable when we’re trying to maintain the consistency as discussed in our Top Mistakes with CBD article.

layered balls

Consistency is a major part of your journey with CBD, but that is only really achieved when you take your lifestyle into account and optimize for it too.

Being ‘real’ with yourself and knowing that you’re not trying to set yourself up for failure is major. This is usually when people start to get a little crafty with their CBD.

Like I do with layering.

One way of doing it:
Same & Same

Say you’re wanting to optimize your sleep, but you want to wind down prior to getting to bed. And your CBD of choice is CBD oil and CBD oil + melatonin.

So, take your CBD oil, and then take another dose of CBD oil with melatonin 3 hours or so after that. Thus layering in those effects and letting the second oil take over when the first oil drops off.

My take on the Same & Same method.

Sure this could work. It can be done with CBD oil and the same CBD oil again, but (for the sake of an example of use) I figure including melatonin in the scenario.

It won’t be hard to know when the melatonin kicks in with CBD already in effect, but I’ve felt it before because it is a different component joining the party…if you will.

This is something that I’ve done to pre-prep for sleep when I’m needing some “committed sleep.” Definitely can see this being something done for a big day ahead or on a flight (or right before one after doing a layover).

With oil, it gets in your system rather quickly and you’ll be able to take a dose of it with little trouble.

This would also depend on your comfort with CBD also.

are you comfortable with your cBD yet?

Some people love CBD but aren’t comfortable with taking it around other people. This could be for various reasons but the fact is still the same. You’re not comfortable yet.

If you’re not comfortable, it’s ok, there really isn’t anything to be ashamed about. But maybe it is too awkward for you and you’d rather not get your dropper out in the middle of the wedding you’re attending or something.

Totally understand that.

So you’d rather than that, do some oil right before getting out of your vehicle and again right before the reception begins.


Standard – double-down – standard again?

Typically when I’ve done my Same & Same Method, I’ve experienced the initial effects of the oil, and then sort of a double-down feeling when the second dose of oil hits. Mainly because there is a sort of overlapping of the two; especially in regard to the MGs of CBD. After some time I pretty much go back to feeling the previous level of ‘standard’ when the first dose settles down and the second is still in place.

Always keep in mind that experience with CBD is going to be different from one person to another, and this is my suggestion based on my experience.

This method is ok for those that know what they are doing and ok with the double-down aspect of it. Be sure to be familiar with your limits and check our calculator to make sure you’re staying within the MG amount for your daily CBD consistency.

Doing “a little extra” can be a “lot extra” if you’re not mindful. I’d suggest trying this method on a weekend at home before a wedding, graduation, sports game, outing, and the like.

Another way of doing it: Tag Team Partners

Another way I’ve found to approach a situation is by letting my body do the work for me.

The Tag Team Partner Method uses your metabolism to regulate the introduction of the other CBD source. For me, this works great when using a CBD oil and then a CBD gummy.

(This was done with just straight CBD, without other components, but you can use CBD with CBG, melatonin, or some other component.)


Since the oil will enter the system faster, it will start to apply itself sooner than a gummy would be able to. Not a terrible amount of time, but still one that you could use to manage the timing if needed to.

With the same example as above, you could be in the middle of the wedding and never leave your seat. Just pop a gummy in and continue to watch the ceremony.

The oil you could do before you get out of your vehicle, and have the gummy nicely tucked in a pocket, and ready to go when needed.

As before, be mindful of your limits and how you will react when they both kick in.

be mindful of the levels

In both cases, levels play a factor since in each combination can mean more CBD in your system.


Nothing to be afraid of, just something to be mindful about your system and body’s response.

In every case I’ve tried this, I’ve been fine and have had no regrettable side effects. Again, everyone is different.

The main thing you want to keep in mind is the levels of CBD that you’ll be experiencing. This is why it is recommended that you try this on a weekend when you’re chilling at home.

Being a high-potency brand, Bobby Rapscallion is going to have more CBD in its gummies than some others that are out there. So it is probably best to acquaint yourself with that difference if you’re trying to do the same amount of gummies that you have in the past.

For instance, with the oil giving you 33.3mg of CBD in half of a dropper, followed by one gummy that is going to intro another 45mg of CBD, it can be a lot if you’re not ready for it. That is 78.3mg of CBD!

If your metabolism and body weight deem it something you can process, then you should be fine. Just be mindful and check ahead of time.

To sum it all up

it is solely an option.

This is just what I’ve experienced on my own and nothing has been scientifically proven in any way. As I mentioned, this is something I’ve found that worked for me, and figured I’d pass it on to you to read and do what works for you.


Along with consistency, doing what works best for your lifestyle is paramount. Sometimes anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and the like, get in the way of experiencing the best for our lifestyle too.

So hopefully the next wedding, game, movie, graduation, public speaking and whatever comes what may, this option can help you to be and do the best at it all.




Bobby Rapscallion’s CBD Products

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